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Project Description

Double Occupancy

Origination Date:  July, 2016

Dimensions:  12” x 8”

Limited Edition of 10 Prints

After seeing a copy of “I Can See You”, a friend of mine sent me a picture of two elves owls peeking out of a big hole in a saguaro cactus. This was inspiration enough for me to create an etching /aquatint of it. I played around some with the colors. The etchings were created with one copper plate and for some of the prints different colors added onto the same plate one after the other. Therefore I had to be careful in removing the extra paint of each color to prevent a mixture of them.

The last print of the series I printed on a larger sheet of paper and added the clean, defatted copper plate with the engraving “NO MORE PRINTS” underneath of it. This represents a “unique print”.