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Project Description

Roll Call

Origination Date:  May 2018

Dimensions:  10” x 7” x 10”

Edition:  Limited Edition Bronze Sculpture of 9

Limited Edition Bronze Sculptures of 9

Gamble’s quails live as couples (female & male) and they stay together for several years. Each Spring they hatch a new crop of chicks – form a few up to 10 or 12. It is really a sight to see the family go on a stroll through the neighbourhood – mom first, followed by the chicks and dad at the end checking up that the entire boot stays together. When they are in the open, eg crossing a street, they are always running because the chicks are easy prey for owls, hawks, coyotes, and bob cats and quite a few end up being part of the desert food chain.

With this sculpture I tried to catch the family spirit. It always happens that one of the chicks is not following instructions.

The sculpture was finished October 2018