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Project Description

Started 09/25/21

Finished 11/09/21

Foundry: 11/16/21

Waxes: 12/17/21

Casts and patina: 02/26/22


16.5 x 29 x 11.5 cm

Commissioned Bronze 1/9

A dear friend and veterinary colleague and his wife own a home near Kruger Park in South Africa. They fell in love with “Painted Wolfs” or “Wild Dogs”, as they are also called; an endangered species, and asked me to sculpt one of these fascinating animals. While studying their way of life and anatomy I became more and more excited about them and wanted to do a good job. Now that “ON THE GO” is finished our friends come and pick it up on her “round” birthday. In a few days we travel to South Africa to see them live.