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Project Description

I Can See You

Origination Date:  February, 2015

Dimensions:  9 3/4”  x  7 3/4

Limited Edition of 20 Prints

Great horned owls are a signature animal of Arizona. For years a couple of great horned owls made their nest in a big saguaro cactus in our community. The main trunk broke off halfway up, years ago and then was surrounded by several arms. Everyone could observe the progress of the upbringing of their two to three babies. A few years ago the couple moved to a new place under the entry canopy of the clubhouse. This edging/aquatint serves as a memory of the good ol’ times.

I created the first plate with the etching and aquatint of the owls and the outlines of the saguaro arms and the second plate with the aquatint for the saguaro color.

The last print of the series I printed on a larger sheet of paper and added the clean, defatted copper plate with the engraving “NO MORE PRINTS” to the right side of it. This represents a “unique print”.