Finn – Wet’sch as Chäsli?2021-08-07T13:45:44+00:00

Project Description

Finn – Wetsch as Chäsli?

Started: March 2021

Wax: July 2021

Finished Patina August 1, 2021

Dimensions: 5 X 6 ¾ X 2 ½”

Limited Edition Bronze Made for Julia Heim (1/9)

Finn is Julia Heim’s dog, the fiancee of our son, Renato. Both love this little mutt with a substantial number of genes of a Welsh Corgi. Unfortunately, Finn is getting up in its years, and who knows how long it is hanging around.  So, I took the initiative to collect pictures of the little dog, which Renato and Anita noticed and immediately supported the idea of creating a bronze sculpture. We selected the position when Finn is sitting, with the head slightly tilted, waiting for one of the family to offer a “ La vache qui rit“ cheese. The second part of the sculpture name means in English: „Would you like a litte cheese?“