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Project Description


Finished sculpting July 2020

Finished cast January 2021

Finished patina July 2021


Commissioned Bronze Sculpture of 1 of 9

Great horned owls are common birds of prey in the Sonoran Desert. You hear their hooting during clear nights. They surprise their prey during the night because when they approach you hear no sound – until it is too late. Fascinating animals.

I sculpted every single feather from images of the internet. The number of the large feathers of the wing is correct and also their shape – quite some work. I left the almost finished bird for about 3 hours in a room that was too warm and when I returned, the right wing had dropped down and I had to start again from scratch. Before we left Scottsdale, Arizona last summer I had the mold made and took it with us with all our moving stuff. After we arrived in Switzerland, I had the bird cast in Mendrisio at the Perseo foundry.

My wife, Anita, and I created the patina at home in Lenzburg.