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Project Description


Finished sculpting November 2020

Finished cast January 2021

Ready for shipping February 2021

Dimensions: 18.5 x 12.6 x 16.5 ”

Commissioned Bronze Sculpture of 1

The directions for the sculpture were: 3 galloping horses!

I developed the story behind the sculpture during the modeling and it goes like this:

There are also rules for a “RUN FOR FUN”, a joyful gallop in a field. Unwritten law: the lead mare (right) goes ahead and shows the way, even if a younger mare is moving almost at the same height as she. The latter gallops carefree and full of joy, head up high in the wind, and turns a little to the left, because she feels that “Troubles” are quickly approaching from behind. A young stallion has the guts to gallop between the two mares and tries to seize the lead. But he did not expect the immediate, resolute reaction of the lead mare. She anticipates the provocation and turns her body to the left in his way and with her head turned towards the intruder, her ears turned sideways and her eyes angrily directed at the young stallion, she successfully fends off the attack.

This is the snapshot that I captured with this sculpture.